Meet our facilitator

Rev. Dr George Walder

Dr. George Walder brings a wealth of expertise to the role as Facilitator for the "Ministering to Culturally Diverse Populations" program. With a multifaceted background spanning academia, secular leadership, and church ministry, Dr. Walder is uniquely positioned to equip candidates for effective multicultural ministry.
Drawing from over 40 years of experience in ministry work and pastoral leadership, Dr. Walder's passion for cultural diversity and inclusion shines through. He has demonstrated his leadership prowess on a global scale, serving as a Global Program Director for major initiatives such as the Olympics and FEFA transformation, where he successfully led and coordinated multicultural teams.

Dr. Walder holds a Bachelor of Science (BSc) and Master of Science (MSc) degrees in Information Technology from the University of Liverpool, underscoring his commitment to academic excellence. Additionally, he earned his Doctorate from Canada Christian College and Graduate School of Theology, further enriching his understanding of theological principles and practical ministry.
With a blend of academic rigor, real-world leadership experience, and a deep spiritual foundation, Dr. George Walder brings invaluable insights to the NTCG Leadership Training Centre, empowering future ministers to thrive in culturally diverse settings.