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What is CPD?

CPD is a commitment to ongoing lifelong learning. LTC is committed to ensuring that all our ministers and leaders have access to new opportunities, refresh existing knowledge and improve skills. This can be undertaken by participants through our distance learning programmes and by attending educational events annually.

The CPD programme is part of NTCG’s Church Engagement initiative. Churches, who have signed up to become LTC Partners will have access to all CPD courses online. Records 
will be kept by churches, individuals and LTC of increasing skills, knowledge and leadership development gained throughout training and learning programmes.

Who is it for?

CPD is available to all NTCG ministers, pastors and emerging leaders, including those who are already serving as a Pastor and those with additional responsibilities as District Overseers. It will also be made available for all credentialed Ministers and in some cases, those going through the credentialing process where the course is not part of their study/training package but is needed due to the ministry area they are currently working in or aspiring to serve in.
It will be available for those in key areas of ministry such as the Church and Pastors Council, Church Finance, Administration and Youth Ministry Through the Appraisal system of Pastors and District Bishops, CPD recommendations can be an outcome for support.

How will it be accessed?

Our CPD Programme is an integral part of NTCG appraisal process. Most CPD courses will be accessed through the Leadership
Training Centre through our online VLE/ Zoom platform, this could be in-person or hybrid depending on the type of course especially those that require practical/hands-on participation. One of the advantages of CPD is the attendance and participation in the Ministers Summit, a training day, a seminar, workshop with approval from the LTC can be included as a CPD activity. 

How to get involved?

When you become an LTC Partner, you will have access to all CPD courses offered online with your very own unique church login. Courses offer flexibility for individuals to participate at a suitable time and schedule around other work and family commitments. In many instances, online CPD courses can be spread over a period rather than requiring participation on a given day. 

What is the duration of a CPD session?

A CPD course/session can range from a few hours to a day and in some cases, multiple sessions over several weeks.

How much does it cost?

CPD will be available to all church leaders and ministers. (Fee TBC)

Why is CPD important?

Continuing professional development is important because it ensures individuals continue to be competent in their calling ministry and leadership. It is an ongoing process and continues throughout a person’s career or ministry and is long life learning. Well-crafted and delivered continuing professional development is important because it delivers benefits to the individual, their profession, ministry and in the context of the church, the congregation. Continuous Professional Development (CPD) is important for church ministers for several reasons:

Theological Growth:
CPD allows ministers to deepen their understanding of theology, scripture, and religious teachings. It helps them stay informed about the latest theological developments, interpretations, and discussions within the religious community.

Pastoral Skills: CPD provides opportunities for ministers to enhance their pastoral skills. This includes counselling, communication, conflict resolution, and leadership skills, all of which are crucial for effective ministry and supporting the congregation.

Adaptation to Cultural Changes: Society and culture evolve, and ministers need to be equipped to address contemporary issues and connect with the community effectively. CPD helps them stay informed about cultural changes, societal challenges, and relevant issues affecting their congregation.

Effective Communication: CPD can improve a minister's ability to communicate effectively, whether through sermons, counselling sessions, or community outreach. It may involve learning about modern communication tools, public speaking techniques, or effective use of media.

Understanding Diverse Perspectives: CPD can expose ministers to diverse theological perspectives, cultural backgrounds, and religious traditions. This broader understanding enables them to relate to a diverse congregation and fosters inclusivity within the church community.

Leadership Development: Continuous learning contributes to the development of strong leadership qualities. Ministers play key leadership roles within their congregations, and CPD can provide insights into effective leadership practices, team building, and organisational management.

Ethical and Moral Development: Ministers are held to high ethical and moral standards. CPD can include discussions on ethical dilemmas, moral decision-making, and discussions on current ethical issues relevant to the religious community.

Staying Current with Trends:
CPD ensures that ministers stay current with trends, research, and best practices within the field of ministry. This includes understanding changes in religious demographics, worship practices, and the evolving needs of the congregation.

Personal and Spiritual Growth: CPD is not only about professional development but also personal and spiritual growth. It provides ministers with opportunities for self-reflection, spiritual renewal, and personal development, which can positively impact their overall well-being and effectiveness in ministry.

In summary, CPD is crucial for church ministers to foster intellectual, spiritual, and practical growth, ensuring they remain effective and relevant in their roles within the dynamic context of religious ministry.
The importance of continuing professional development should not be underestimated – it is a career-long obligation for practicing ministers.
Ministers bear the personal responsibility of continually updating their knowledge and developing their skills to provide ministry that aligns with the needs of both their congregation and community.

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