Meet our Board Member

Dr Rev. Garrick Wilson
DIS, BSc (Hons), PGCert, MPhil, PhD

Dr Garrick Wilson oversees convergence science research development at Imperial College London and the Institute of Cancer Research. In his role he merges biological, chemical, engineering, and physical sciences to develop new methodologies and technologies for the prevention, detection, and treatment of cancers.
Garrick is also an honorary vascular scientist at the National Heart and Lung Institute, with interests in vascular dysfunction that causes strokes and heart defects. He was trained as a molecular virologist with expertise in viral transmission and treatment. During his career track, he has been involved in cutting-edge research into the pathology and management of numerous viruses including hepatitis B virus, hepatitis C virus, HIV, respiratory syncytial virus and influenza viruses.

He is an advocate for justice and a champion of causes to empower marginalised people. He has worked with Public Health England, The British Army, The Department of Health and Social Care, charities, ecumenical groups and other organisations in the United Kingdom and the Caribbean to address health, education, and economic disparities in society. He is the director of BUiLD, a mentoring initiative for young men which provides them with access to educational and professional opportunities in addition to key life skills to realise a bright future.

He is the Senior Pastor of NTCG Covenant Church Reading; a thriving multi-ethnic and multi-generational community church with a mandate to do justice.