Meet our Director of Education   

Bishop Delroy Henry 
Cert Ed,Dip.Min. Th, BD, BSc (Hons),MBA

Bishop Delroy Henry, an esteemed educator and Christian leader, is dedicated to fostering the development of future church leaders. As the National Director of Education at the Leadership Training Centre (LTC) for the New Testament Church of God in England & Wales (NTCG) since 2018, he brings over three decades of experience.

Educational Leadership and Theological Expertise: Bishop Henry's leadership is influenced by his academic background, including a Certificate in Education, a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration & IT, and a Master of Business Administration. His theological education includes a Bachelor of Divinity. His present role allows him to focus on operational and strategic management within Pentecostal theological education.
Professional Journey and Ministry Engagement: Throughout his career, Bishop Henry has held diverse teaching, technical, and leadership roles in education and ministry, from Mechanical Engineer and Secondary School teacher to Lecturer and Principal of Immanuel Theological College. He has served in roles such as Sunday School Superintendent, District Youth & Christian Education Director, and Assistant Pastor at Lee NTCG.

Vision and Impact: Bishop Henry aims for exponential growth and national expansion in collaboration with the Administrative Bishop’s Vision, impacting a vast network spanning England and Wales, integrating Information Communication Technology (ICT) to enhance educational access.

Leadership and Strategic Initiatives: As the National Director of Education, Bishop Henry spearheads transformative educational initiatives, ensuring theological soundness and global reach through programs like the National Discipleship Programme and the Continuous Professional Development Programme.

Collaboration and Community Engagement: Bishop Henry fosters collaboration, actively participating in organizations such as the Free Church Education Committee, Christian Aid, and the Church of God European/International, aligning educational strategies for effective leadership development.

Continuous Learning and Spiritual Growth: Driven by his commitment to serve effectively, Bishop Henry pursues personal academic studies and professional development through Continuous Professional Development (CPD), advancing education and ministry within and beyond the NTCG community.

Bishop Henry and his wife, Jasmine, have been happily married for nearly 44 years, raising three adult children – Carolyn, Priscilla, and Jermaine – who are actively involved in church ministries at national, district, and local levels. Bishop Delroy Henry's exemplary leadership and unwavering dedication serve as a beacon of inspiration and transformation within NTCG and the wider community for kingdom purposes.