Rightly Dividing the Word

  • Facilitator: Bishop Brian Robinson 
  • Level: Certificate
  • Study time: 1-2 Days
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Our Learning Programmes:

  • CIMS
  • 1-2 Days
  • CAMS
  • 2 Years
  • MIP
  • 2 Years
  • CMDP
  • 2 Years
  • Joshua Programme
  • 3 years full-time/6-8 years part-time
  • Pentecostal Theological Seminary Certificate
  • 4 years part-time
  • European Theological Seminary Certificate
  • 3 Years full-time
Course overview
A study of the methodology of scriptural interpretation. Special emphasis will be given to the role of context in the study and interpretation of biblical content. Knowing what a passage meant to the person or persons to whom it was written is essential to understanding how the same passage may be applied today.

After completing this course, you will be able to:
- Discuss the authority, integrity, and relevance of the Bible to today’s society.
- Define biblical hermeneutics, as well as describe the methodology of
Scriptural interpretation.
- Utilise contextual interpretation of biblical content, as well as lexicalsyntactical
- Identify and describe prophetic reinterpretations and New Testament
interpretations of the Old Testament.
- Identify the special literary methods found in the Bible.
- Know how to read the Bible from within our traditions.
- Discuss how Pentecostals read the Bible theologically.

  • Zoom Session (Live) View date in prospectus.
  • Video time: 4 hours 
  • Test
  • Certificate
Live sessions are only available on the dates listed in the prospectus.

Meet the facilitators 

Bishop Brian Robinson 

Brian Robinson is the Senior Pastor at NTCG Willesden and District Overseer for five churches. He is the Coordinator of the Ministerial Internship programme. Brian Robinson studied at Ebenezer Bible Institute and the Church of God Theological Seminary. He has been the Pastor of congregations at Hitchin, Southampton, Bristol and Clapton respectively prior to Willesden. He also served the Church as Principal of the Overstone College from 1987-91.

Co-facilitator: Rev. Samuel Thomas