Relational Discipleship Programme

  • Author: Bishop Darryl
  • Level: Certificate
  • Duration: 9 - 10 Weeks 
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Develop your skills
Please note that this course is free, your £20 donation will go towards the course material and to help support the work at the LTC.

     Course overview
The Leadership Training Centre has recently launched the National Discipleship Programme to support all our NTCG churches.

Within this programme there are three courses ENGAGE, EMPOWER and EQUIP. ENGAGE is for new converts and prepares them to join EMPOWER.


Preparation for EMPOWER- Details to follow.
Is designed to support, teach and develop disciples to grow and to make other disciples.
Trains facilitators in how to run EMPOWER classes.

  • Zoom or In-Person Session (Date - TBC)
  • Duration 9-10 Weeks 
  • Level 1-5 manual 
  • Test
  • Certificate 

Meet the facilitators

Bishop Darryl Paul Gidharry 
Bishop Darryl Paul Gidharry

Darryl Gidharry has been a pastor for over 12 years and is currently the Senior Pastor of NTCG Slough - Sanctuary of Praise and has pastoral oversight of NTCG Bordon - Living Waters. He coordinates the National Discipleship Programme which aims to provide training for disciples, empowering them to become disciple-makers and where appropriate facilitators of the EMPOWER programme. He is a vibrant preacher and gifted teacher. A keen promoter of the benefits of a lifestyle of worship and holiness Bishop Gidharry is a believer in the power of prayer to move the ‘mountains’ in our lives.

Co- Facilitators: 
Rev Veronica Patmore (NDP Midlands Region Coordinator)
                              Rev Esmeta Ghunney (NDP Southern Regional Coordinator)
                              Others - TBC