Learning the Practices of Ministry

  • Facilitator: Bishop Winston Taylor, Bishop Jackson & Carolyn Henry
  • Level: Certificate
  • Study time: 1-2 Days
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Our Learning Programmes:

  • CIMS
  • 1-2  Days 
  • CAMS
  • 2 Years
  • MIP
  • 2 Years
  • CMDP
  • 2 Years
  • Joshua Programme
  • 3 years full-time/6-8 years part-time
  • Pentecostal Theological Seminary Certificate
  • 4 years part-time
  • European Theological Seminary Certificate
  • 3 Years full-time
Course overview
A study of biblical models of worship, providing a context for learning specific aspects of ministry in the Pentecostal church. Observances and ceremonies to be surveyed include worship, marriage, communion, footwashing, dedications, funerals, and visitation.

After completing this course, you will be able to:
- Complete a self-evaluation of their personality and discuss the dynamics of
group interaction.

- Describe how to conduct the following ceremonies: (a) Worship, (b) Communion, (c) Dedications, (d) Funerals, (e) Marriages, (f) Foot washing, and (g) visitation.

- Discuss stewardship for a contemporary society based on biblical principles.

- Manage the budgets and finances of a local church.

- Identify and discuss the various aspects of a caring church.

  • Zoom Session (Live) View date in prospectus. 
  • Video time: 4 hours 
  • Test 
  • Certificate
  • Assignments ( Ministerial Candidates)
  • Exam ( Ministerial Candidates)
Live sessions are only available on the dates listed in the prospectus.

Meet the facilitators 

Bishop Winston Taylor
HNC Mech. Eng.

Winston Taylor is an ordained Bishop and is currently the District Pastor of NTCG Sheffield. He has served the Church in many capacities including National Youth & Christian Education Board from 1995 to 2004. He has been engaged in the Education and Training Programme since 2007 as a course participant, facilitator and co-ordinator of the Calling and Ministry Studies [CAMS] programme.

Co-Facilitators: Bishop Jonathan Jackson & Min. Carolyn Henry