Faith Foundations for Life and Ministry in the 21st Century

  • Facilitator: Charlotte Johnson 
  • Level: Certificate
  • Study time: 1-2 Days 
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Our Learning Programmes:

  • CIMS
  • 1-2 Days
  • CAMS
  • 2 Years
  • MIP
  • 2 Years
  • CMDP
  • 2 Years
  • Joshua Programme
  • 3 years full-time/6-8 years part-time
  • Pentecostal Theological Seminary Certificate
  • 4 years part-time
  • European Theological Seminary Certificate
  • 3 Years full-time
Course overview
A historical overview of the postmodern world and the undermining of faith through the loss of absolutes and the relativity of morality. The course will examine ways to overcome the dangers ministers face in the loss of passion and resolve from secular attacks on the spiritual and its core truths and values.

After completing this course, you will be able to:
- Describe the postmodern world in a historical overview.

- Discuss the postmodern world and the Christian faith.

- Identify the core values of the Christian faith.

- Describe the moral dilemma.

- Answer the question: “How then shall we live, individually, as disciples of
Jesus Christ in a secular society?”

  • Zoom Session (Live) View date in prospectus. 
  • Video time: 4 hours 
  • Test
  • Certificate
  • Assignments ( Ministerial Candidates)
  • Exam ( Ministerial Candidates)
Live sessions are only available on the dates listed in the prospectus.

Meet the facilitators 

Dr. Charlotte V.V Johnson 

Charlotte is a Deaconess at Willesden New Testament Church of God (WNTCG), and a Postgraduate Researcher at Nazarene Theological College, in partnership with the University of Manchester. She holds a MSc in Human Resources Leadership, a Masters of Arts in Church Ministries (MACM), and Doctor of Ministry (Dmin) and expresses her vocation through pastoral care within her local church community. Dr Charlotte, a co-author of the book Challenges of Pentecostal Theology in the 21st Century, the chapter titled “A Pentecostal appraisal of Scripture, reason, tradition and experience” in 2020 – the only female author in a book with four other well-known authors.

Co-Facilitator: Dr Carver Anderson